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Togialed Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd., found in 1997, is a photoelectric enterprise headquartered in Taipei with many years of experience in multinational operation. Its business covers manufacturing and service operations in the photoelectric industry. As a provider of comprehensive photoelectric solutions, it has a number of internationally cutting-edge independent intellectual property rights.
Togialed offers a whole set of services from the photoelectric component development, finished EPC, independent intellectual property rights authorization output, photoelectric technology to photoelectric financing package of services. The company has complete specifications of the product line. Products include LED LAMP, SMD LED, Hi-POWER LED, COB LED, IR Emitter, IR Receiver, etc. A series of products cover the entire product line.
Togialed entered the Chinese market in 2005. Togialed Industrial Technology Limited Company was set up in Fujian, China to take charge of its R&D and production. A number of affiliated companies were established in Guangdong, China to be responsible for providing sales service to the high-end Chinese customers. Moreover, branches and distribution centers were established in Munich, California, Rome, Paris, Seoul, Tokyo and other cities with its marketing network covers the major optoelectronic markets in the world. Its products and operations are available in over 50 countries and regions enabling people of different colors and different cultures to enjoy the environmentally friendly, energy-saving and high-quality Togialed optoelectronic products.
The company firmly believes that quality is the life and innovation is the soul. A company should not only have strong vitality, but also have a great soul. Togialed is committed to be a leading and first-class new energy solutions provider in China and in the world, and a world-class new energy equipment manufacturer.
Togialed will take the “globalized” operating strategy as the goal. Benefit our employees with career; share success with our partners, and contribute to the green planet. When carrying out business in China, Togialed also plays an active part in education, culture, art, environmental protection and other social welfare areas. Adhering to the development concept of making contributions to society by technology, Togialed continues to act as a good corporate citizen and make unremitting efforts to promote social and economic development.
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